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The new release of SPOD 3.1 “Zavijah” is out!

Posted: 9th April 2018 at 10:18 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Route-to-PA team is happy to announce the new version 3.1 of the Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD). Our SPOD allows easy discussions, effective co-creation and smooth social interactions around Open Data.

Among the most relevant new features of “Zavijah” SPOD platform:

Major features

  • Co-creation data (or media) room: new features have been introduced in the data co-creation. The first feature allows uploading a geospatial file in the ESRI shapefile format and the supported coordinates reference system is EGS 84. The second feature allows publishing directly into CKAN portal with metadata and additional notes.  Only users with “publisher” user role will be able to publish in the CKAN portal. A wizard will assist  the user in  the publication of metadata information and notes of the co-created dataset
    • Publish a dataset into CKAN portal with metadata and notes
    • Import geospatial file type (such as Shapefile)

Fixed main issues

  • An empty etherpad template is available to configure for each user of a correlation room. (Git Hub issue #346)
  • A notification e-mail in Co-creation allows confirming to join a room (Git hub issue #349)

SPOD for Mobile: Android app version 1.3.1

A SPOD Mobile application highlights the main features of the desktop version of SPOD platform: the Agora, Cocreation, and NewsFeed with email and pushes notifications.

The Cocreation media room of the mobile SPOD app allows to create a gallery of the photo in a specific room, with additional data, such as Description, Title, Date, and photos and to see exactly where the photo was taken with geolocalization details (GPS coordinates). This room with media datasets will be synchronized on the SPOD platform to enrich with other data cultural information and afterward to publish in SPOD platform. By using SPOD Mobile users will not only share content (e.g., photos) but photos will also include automatically geolocation for each photo in the mobile app.

Fixed bugs in SPOD mobile app:

  • Push notifications of  agora room  deliver a message to the user’s home screen even when the app is not visible (Git Hub issue #327)
  • SPOD Mobile app: SPOD app for Android is currently published and available on the Google Play Store, searching for content by “SPOD Mobile” name
  • Datalet
    • The link back to the datalet of a DKAN Open Data portal shows the dataUrl (Git Hub issue #363)  of the DKAN website
    • Timeline and media slider dalatets show more descriptive fields in step 3 of the wizard of the Controllet. (GitHub issues #294, #360)

Fixed Issues

All fixed issues are available on the Git Hub at the following link

SPOD  app mobile 1.3.1 for SPOD v.3.1 requires to clear cache and data on  your Android phone (only  for the previous installation of SPOD app):
  • Updating SPOD app through Google Play
  • Clear browsing app of your Chrome app (more details are available here 
  • Clear cache and data of SPOD app

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