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Workshop on User Stories and Scenarios for Open Data

Posted: 22nd May 2015 at 11:02 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Three different workshops were conducted in three countries across participating EU States – Dublin (Ireland, 17 April, 2015); Prato (Italy, 23rd April, 2015) and Groningen (The Netherlands, 19 May, 2015).

The purpose of the workshops was to assemble industry practitioners – Researchers, Academics, Developers, Social Psychologist, Citizens and Public Administrators – to brainstorm and generate ideas in the areas of:

  • The possible barriers (or challenges) affecting the adoption and practice of Open Data (OD) concept and the adoption of Open Data Platforms (ODPs) in the European Union member states
  • The user requirements of an idea Open Data Platform as well as the beyond the state-of-the-art Open Data Platform features (next generation Open Data Platform) using pre-prepared user stories.

Workshops Workflow


The three workshops followed the basic schedule or framework outlined in the diagram above, that is, the morning section was dedicated to the identification of OD/ODP challenges while the afternoon session was devoted for providing solutions to the challenges identified in the morning session. Late afternoon to evening sessions were used in the determination of open data platform user needs as well as next generation platform features.


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