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SPOD 1.9 “Nash” is now here!

Posted: 4th October 2016 at 2:09 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Proud and happy to announce the new version 1.9 of the Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD). Our SPOD allows easy discussions, effective co-creation and smooth social interactions around Open Data.

It has no new significant feature but only minor bug fixing and importing SPOD source code to GitHub.

Among the relevant features of “Nash”:

Major features:

  • Migration of SPOD project (source code ) towards Git Hub platform, an open source software ( )
    • Source code of the project
    • Initial analysis of the feedback previously sent .
  • Cocreation room: a new management of the services allows to re-connect each service when they are shut down.

(Groningen Feedback, July 7th 2016) (GitHub #11)

(Issy Feedback, September 2016) (GitHub #8)


Minor features and improvements

  • SPOD profile page and registration form: user registration with new data (Year of birth (age),  Marital status (single, widower, marrried, divorced) and the household, information (number of kids) , Employment status (employed, unemployed, student, pensioner etc) , Residence (city district), Education level)

(Warsaw meeting in May 24-25, 2016) (GitHub #14)

  • Data policy (onEnglish version)
  • Agora: update the dates in Agora

(Issy Feedback, September 2016) (GitHub #5)

  • Quick Helper
    • Cocreation: a question mark in the co-creation room (also in data and knolwdge) describe what you can do in the co-creation room (English and Italian versions)

(Groningen Feedback,  July 7th 2016) (GitHub #11)

  • Member : available only (English and Italian versions)
  • Internationalization: Delete the flag to denote Language

(OKF, Prato Meeting feedback, September, 16th 2016)

  • Agora: in admin panel rename the agora for each room

(Issy Feedback, September 16th, 2016) (Taiga #316)

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