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SPOD 1.7 “Lesath” is now here!

Posted: 27th July 2016 at 4:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Proud and happy to announce the new version 1.7 of the Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD). Our SPOD allows easy discussions, effective co-creation and smooth social interactions around Open Data.

Among the relevant features of “Lesath”:

Major features:

  • Controllet: User Interface cleanup

(Warsaw meeting, 2st decision of G.A, in May 25th 2016) (Taiga ticket #223)

(Groningen Feedback,   February 18 2016) (Taiga #223)

  • Roles: now in SPOD it is possible to choose a role for a user. Currently, it is possible to choose the moderator role, that in Agora allows the creation of new rooms, only the moderators can create (configurable)

(Prato Feedback,   June 30th 2016) (Taiga #264)


  • SPOD Welcome Page and “What’s new” page : a new user interface
    • Log In: log into your account from the same page
    • Sign up (Registration in SPOD)
      • Possible to have users enrolling by themselves checking only the email address (requires the configuration of a file)

(Prato Feedback from Warsaw meeting, in May 25th 2016) (Taiga ticket #307)

  • Open Wall replaced with new User Interface of the Welcome page

(Groningen Feedback,   April 2016) (Taiga #170)

  • What’s new” page: custom and configurable widgets (Tweets, Agora Activities, SPOD Help RSS feeds, Static content, etc.…)

(Dublin Feedback,   April 29th 2016) (Taiga #146 , # 194, #195, #196, #207, #211, #212)

(Issy Feedback,   July 07 2016) (Taiga #284)

(Groningen, Prato Feedback on the forum of Intranet “Usability #2: changing the landing page (Openwall) and What’s new”, May 30th 2016 (Taiga # 304))

  • Improved stability and usability;


  • Improvement of the visualization of the Comments graph
  • Improved the synchronization between the graph and the comments, when many comments are introduced

(Warsaw meeting, 3st decision of G.A, in May 25th 2016) (Taiga ticket #306)

(Prato Feedback,   June 30th 2016) (Taiga #266)

  • Cocreation data room: new features:

co-creation data room”: co-creation data room is a collaborative, real-time spreadsheet; It combines the ease of authoring and multi-user editing of spreadsheet enriched with export/import csv files.

It allows citizens to collaborate on a spreadsheets over SPOD platform in realtime to create dataset with useful criteria for data validation, and to publish a dataset to share for further discussion in social collaboration tools in SPOD (e.g., in What’s New, Agora ).

  • Input from a Map from within the spreadsheet
    • Localization
    • Interactive map
    • Map locations
  • Notification in discussion
    • In discussion room, a new message is notified with an icon with the counter of number of received and not read messages.

(Warsaw meeting, 1st decision of G.A, in May 25th 2016) (Taiga ticket #248)

Minor features and improvements

  • Co-creation data:
    • approximate/ rounding coordinates only point on map
    • Import csv file the values showed in one column
    • Delete a data room

(Prato Feedback,   July 04 2016) (Taiga #256, #261 #253)

  • Delete a card

(Prato Feedback, June 08 2016) (Taiga #271)

  • Controllet: the step 1) shows metadata for each dataset of an open data portal

(Groningen Feedback,   February 04 2016) (Taiga #227)

  • Agora
    • Search of a room by name or description
    • Only administrator or moderator can create a room
    • Weird date of rooms in Agora

(Issy Feedback,   July 07 2016) (Taiga #293)

  • Internationalization
    • French Translation

(Issy Feedback,   July 07 2016) (Taiga #290, #234)



SPOD 1.7 requires:

Some screenshots of the main features in “Lesath” (v.1.7) follow:






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