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SPOD 1.11 “Polaris” is now here!

Posted: 6th December 2016 at 6:46 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Proud and happy to announce the new version 1.11 of the Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD). Our SPOD allows easy discussions, effective co-creation and smooth social interactions around Open Data.

Among the relevant features of “Polaris”:

Major features:

Integration of multilayer Ancitel map datalet and map creator in SPOD: Ancitel created a new map datalet based on openlayer that is capable to visualize KML, WMS and GeoJSON data on a multi layer map (such as OSM Standard, Cycle, Transport, Landscape and Humanitarian). Unisa team integrated the authoring system and the datalet inside SPOD.

A new button has been introduced in My friends’ activities/What’s new that opens the map authoring system.

(Remote Meeting Prato, June 30 2016 Taiga #265)
(Groningen Workshop Feedback, February 4th 2016, Taiga #226)
(Groningen  Feedback, April, May  2016, GitHub #59)
(Den Haag meeting, May 2016)
(Issy remote meeting, April 20th 2016)

Attach image/document: The discussion in the Cocreation data room allows  file attachments  to  a post.  All file types permitted for upload are available from admin panel

(Towards Beta version requirement of SPOD,  #29 )

(Issy feedback September 2016, #9)

Cocreation data room with copy and paste

  • User can move in the spreadsheet with arrows keys. The selected cell will be highlighted. User can edit the selected cell by pressing enter key and exit from edit feature with esc key.
  • By using shift and arrows keys at same time the user can select multiple cells. The selection will be highlighted.
  • By pressing ctrl + c the user can copy the selected portion of the sheet and, after selecting the destination cell by pressing ctrl + v, s/he can copy the content.
  • The user can copy from excel file cells into spreadsheet of data room cocreation
  • Copy between different spreadsheets of the different cocreation data rooms

(Prato Feedback, November 2016, #120)

Caching server’s settings improves performances (#125, #138)

Mail notification: each user profile can configure real-time an e-mail notification about site activity (e.g., Base, Comments, Messages, Newsfeed, Blogs)

(Issy Feedback, September 2016, #34, #53, #122)

Decision Tree visualization in SPOD platform
The “SilverDecisions” project is developed at Decision Support and Analysis Division, Warsaw School of Economics. SilverDecisions is a software for creating and analysing decision trees.  SilverDecisions is available  visiting its website: SilverDecisions can be used in My Space of the SPOD platform, clicking on the new button:button

(Warsaw and Prato team, November 2016)

User email verification: When a new user registers, his/her e-mail address must be verified with an e-mail message  (#128, #130, #127, #126) :

  • Re-send verification e-mail if user lose it
  • Allow authentication only for users with verified e-mail

Minor features and improvements:


  • Enhancement in Agora admin setting allows to rename “body” of room

(Issy feedback, September 2016) (GitHub #10, #135)

Cocreation data room

  • Default User Interface  in cocreation data room to display the  sheet to create the dataset on the left side and the discussion on the right side

(Prato feedback, November 2016, GitHub #151)

  • A long title of the room shifts the list of invited users under.

(Prato feedback, November 2016, GitHub #148)

  • Search of a user inside the cocreation is case insensitive.

(Prato feedback, November 2016, GitHub #146)

A List of the cocreated dataset shows a badge on the owner avatar in the user column ( #137)

Controllet: first step organization of resources in dataset (consisting of possibly several resources), showing a drop down list with all resources.
(Prato feedback, November 2016, #117)

Helper online for Cocreation: the white question mark, on the top right side of the SPOD platform, displays a quick user guide for cocreation, cocreation data and knowledge (available in English and Italian languages)
(Groningen feedback July 11 2016, #13 )

Fixed bugs:

Cocreation data room

  • Export and import features works fine with all resolution and zooms

(Prato feedback, November 2016, #112)

  • A new code refactoring for the “Add new user” feature to improve the insertion of a new user to  the room

(Prato feedback, November 2016, #90)

  • Duplicated member when a data room created: a user can invite himself

(Prato feedback, November 2016, #106)

  • The search of a user inside the Cocreation is case sensitive

(Prato feedback, November 2016, #146)

  • A long title of the room modify the User Interface

(Prato feedback, November 2016, #148)

  • List of co-created datasets: the “copy link” does not work ( #142)


  • Pagination in Controllet does not navigate through search results(#143)

Cocreation knowledge room

  • White spaces appears  between texts in IDEA, OUTCOME and EXPLORE documents

(Den Haag feedback in pilot session in November 23th 2016, GithHub #152)

  • Agora: encoding ” (double quote) in “comments graph”

(Prato feedback, #114, Issy feedback #4)

Upgraded SPOD platforms:

All updated  Pilots platforms, also Groningen platform updated from version 1.4 to the 1.11 version.


SPOD 1.10 requires:

Some screenshots of the main features in “Polaris” (v.1.11) follow:

Integration of multilayer Ancitel map datalet and map creator in SPOD platform:

A new button for map in SPOD:


First step:  select a layer format (i.e, GeoJSON, KML and WMS). An example of wms layer format.


Second step: select the “Layer title” (e.g. VIA –Opere lineari)


Customize the map: an example of OMS standard


Another example  in Dataplatform open data portal  ( with GeoJSON format file:

 (e.g., “Marktplaatsen Amersfoort”,



More User layers on the Map:

Two user layers (in the example “Monumentaal stadsgezicht Amersfoort“and Groene Zones Amersfoort) (on the left side) and select Open Street Map (OSM) Standard in Base map (on the right side)


Activity Notification in SPOD


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