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Deliverable 2.4 now available

Posted: 2nd November 2015 at 1:23 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


Subject: Requirement Specification and Use Case Models for TET and SPOD Subsystems

Document produced by: School of Psychology and Insight Centre for Data Analytics, National University Ireland Galway (NUIG)


Adegboyega Ojo,, Edobor Osagie,, Lukasz Porwol,, Sonya Abbas,, Samuel Adebayo, Mohamamd Waqar, Arkadiusz Stasiewicz,

Due date: 31 October 2015



ROUTE-TO-PA (Raising Open and User-friendly Transparency-Enabling Technologies for Public Administration) is an innovation project focused on prototyping and piloting the integration of platforms for Open Data and a social network engine, enhanced with tools to facilitate Open Data understanding, metadata linking, and personalization of data usage. Two of the primary ROUTE-TO-PA project objectives, which are discussed in this report, are:

1) to enable the transition into the next generation of Open Data portals by creating tools that will enable citizens to socially engage over Open Data resources, the Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD) component of the project, and 2) to provide tools that could be integrated into existing Open Data platforms to deliver greater data transparency and quality and understandability, the Transparency Enhancing Toolset (TET) component.

This report, in particular, presents an updated list of user stories and the specification of the use case models with detailed use case descriptions followed by requirements specification as the key design-base for ROUTE-TO-PA platform development. The target audience for this document includes, in principle, platform designers, developers as well as various platform stakeholders who will participate in the development and testing phase of the project. Nevertheless, all project consortium members are expected to provide feedback and relevant suggestions, accordingly to the expertise, in regard to the representation of key features important from the exploitation and sustainability perspective. In particular, in this deliverable we update and extend the list of User Stories in order to ensure that all the key aspects of user and system interaction are included in the scope of the platform specification. In this document we enrich, the user-stories and information need analysis presented in deliverable D2.3 and derived from comprehensive scenarios, with information related to specific functional and non-functional aspects of TET and SPOD emerged during platform-vision presentation at plenary meetings. Moreover, we provide the democratic context to each of the stories and cluster them around specifically assigned keyword tags. The resulting clusters are used to identify the specific use cases as a base for requirements specification. The final part of the document presents a comprehensive list of the functional and non-functional requirements as a blueprint for development works on ROUTE-TO-PA platform. The use cases covered by the existing tools adopted for the platforms were omitted to improve the clarity and readability of the document. The requirements specification is followed by conclusions including elaboration on limitations and initial remarks on the ROUTE-TO-PA platform development.

The full content of the deliverable is available here. All public deliverables are available at

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